Năng Lực và Chứng Chỉ 3PPRINZ

3P Prinz Recent Investments

 New ERP System Infor LN implemented in May 2014; Infor LN is suitable to both Engineer-to-order and Repetetive Production

 New MODULA Vertical Automatic Storage, essential for saving space and time, fully integrated with Infor LN

 Purchasing Plans for Standard Production are controlled by the ERP system

 Automatic Sizing Program for Eccentric Hollow Disk Pumps

 3-A and EHEDG Certifications for Sanitary Standards / Hygienic Standard on some Pumps (ongoing)

 Multiphase Twin Screw Pump Design Development (ongoing)

3P Prinz can rely on the following certifications:

- ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification

3P Prinz is certified by CSQL Certification number SQ133679

- ATEX Certification on the Pumps

3P Prinz is certified by BV Certification number ATEX/ITA/07/033


- Material Certification to ISO EN 10204 3.1 and 3.2 are available on request.

- Any type of special Material Certification to Customer Spec is available.

- Third Party Certifications are available on request

- Certification to API 676 is available on request

3P Prinz Product Certifications - 3P PRINZ PUMPS – Standard and Optional Certifications

3P Prinz ENI Qualification
• 3P Prinz is ENI qualified for Rotating Pumps and Multiphase Twin Screw Pumps
• 3P Prinz, with the previous name of Pompe 3P, is largely known as a well reputable manufacturer in Italy and in European Countries and in Asia
• 3P Prinz has supplied Pumps to many prestigious End Users and EPCs
• Currently 3P Prinz is expanding on European Market and World Market, in particular in South East & Far East Asia and in Middle East, counting representatives in almost 40 Countries in the 5 Continents

Test + Assembly Facility Capacity
 Maximum Allowable Weight Lift: 10 tons / 40 tons
 Maximum Allowable Dimension for single Skid: 8 m (l) x 16 m (w) x 8 m (h)
 Maximum Allowable Capacity for Testing Equipment:
-  1500 m3/h (in house)
- 3500 m3/h (at Partner Company located 30 km away from workshop)
 Maximum Allowable Pressure for Testing Equipment: 150 Bar(g)
 Maximum Allowable Power Consumption for Testing Equipment:
-  600 Kw (in house)
-  2.000 Kw (at Partner Company located 30 km away from workshop)
 Maximum allowable Motor Speed (by Inverter): 4000 rpm
 NPSHr (Suction Lift) Testing Facility available
 Vibration Test Facility available
 Noise Level Test Facility available

Industries Served
• Oil & Gas
• Petrochemical
• Chemical
• Shipbuilding & Marine
• Food & Beverage - Hygienic
• Power Generation
• Pulp & Paper
• General Industry

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